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The C++ SQLite wrapper library



There is a mailinglist for vsqlite++ hosted on librelist you can use for both user requests and development discussions.


To subscribe, send a mail to vsqlite@librelist.com and reply to the confirmation mail. Make sure to check your Spam folder, just in case. After replying you'll receive a second confirmation mail. Now you can send your messages directly to the list.

To unsubscribe again, send a mail to vsqlite-unsubscribe@librelist.com and reply to the confirmation mail.


In the mailinglist archive, you can read up old discussions grouped by thread.


The vsqlite++ IRC channel is hosted on chat.freenode.net in the channel #vsqlite++ you ask questions or just chat with the developer/creator.

You need an IRC Client to join it. The following clients are widely known and used:

Alternatively you can just the freenode webclient.

Issue Tracker

Help the community by contributions. If you find bugs or you're missing functionality a have a feature request, please report them on the issue tracker.

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